Access internet on VirtualBox VM with Host-only adapter setting

Amit Dhawan
2 min readSep 8, 2020

This article is in continuation of story Ping Virtual Box(Guest) from Windows(Host).

We will add the super power capabilities [Access Internet] which were lost when we tried to ping our virtual machine from the host machine.

No more talking now!!!! Let start.

Add network adapater i.e. NAT Network adapter

NAT network adapter gives the virtual machine the super power to communicate with the network. Adding this is very easy. Just got to Oracle VM VirtualBox Manager and add Adapter.

NAT network

Now, I have 2 adapters configured.

  • Adapter 2 :- Used to make VM communicate over the Internet.
  • Adapter 1:- Used to make our VM accessible from the host machine

Your final configuration should like below:-

Network adapters

All set!!!! We are on top of the world now. Internet is waiting for us to get explored. Check now on browser if you are able to Rock n Roll or not.

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